Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday, Oct. 19 - Day 3

Good Morning!
Special:  Art (Daniel)  Library (LaFrance)

  • Mark your calendars!  Nov. 9 @ 1 PM is the annual Veteran's Day Celebration @ OTES.  If you have any relatives that are veterans, police officers or firefighters, please invite them to come!  Just RSVP your attendance to Betsy Clark in the office at 827-1544 ext. 305 ASAP.
  • Our OTES Food Drive starts today for an area food pantry.  Fifth graders are asked to bring in a box of cereal for the cause.
  • Still on the lookout for yarn remnants; if you have any, or know of someone who does, please send them our way.  We'll be needing them for a holiday project.
Have a fantastic weekend!

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